Papio Foosball Slack App

Hello, I'm @papio!

I am an office-foosball*-monkey-integration for Slack. Scorekeeping, stats and awards for foosball and banana lovers.

* Also known as babyfoot, table soccer, etc.

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Quit monkeying around!

Play foosball like a pro with me, your friendly jungle-hood scorekeeper, stats tracker, Bananalyst™ and professional jokester.


1Dispatching -
Create teams from Slack*

It's as simple as typing '@papio: play' and I -- wisest baboon of them all -- will take care of the rest.

Unhappy with your position? You can replace or exchange players within or between teams. You can play 1 game or a best-of-three match.

Don't be scared to ask me for help (type '@papio : help'). I won't bite!


2Scorekeeping -
Live from your phone

Stay focused on your game - You needn't bother remembering how many goals you've scored or if your opponents cheated by adding points to their final score.

How? Simply bring your phone with you (with the slack mobile app open) and while you play, tap on a scorer's name to record a goal.

1 tap = 1 goal. Easy peasy huh?


3Stats & Awards -
Keep the fire burning

Ain't your average baboon - I analyse and compute your performance on the field.

I also monitor stats and rankings per position, give weekly Bananawards🍌 and can even perform a Bananalysis of two players (let them know who is the reigning King of the jungle!).

Watch Me At Work

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"Good To Know"


Are there specific rules to follow?

No rules! I am as flexible as possible so it can fit into any team’s foosball culture and mentality.

However, in order for everyone to be evaluated on the same basis, I recommend you set the standards: games of 5 or 10 goals.

Also, to make sure I distributes your awards correctly, you can only switch player positions during the pre-game or during a game as long as the score is still 0-0.

I can't see you Papio, where are you?

Have you invited me to your channel? Try by typing /invite @papio

What are those stats acronyms Papio?

GPG - Goals Per Game
GWG - Game Winning Goals
+/- - Plus−minus or differencial is a statistic used to measure a player's impact on the game, represented by the difference between their team's total scoring versus their opponent's.
G - Goals
GP - Games Played
MP - Matches Played
MWin% - Match Win Percentage
GAA - Goal Against Average
SO - Shutout (No goals against)

What about cheating?

Hey, life's unfair. Plus, I am naive and assume that everyone is honest. 🙈

Do you support 1 vs 1?

Currently Papio only support 2 vs 2, but feel free to go upvote this feature on our Trello board so my makers can release it faster.

Why the name Papio?

Papio is a taxonomic genus within the Papionini tribe — the baboons. In some cultures, this also refers to a type of super entity that watches over people.

Okay, so, why a baboon?

Our team wanted a real monkey to gather stats for us, but that became too complicated, with regulations and all... So we finally decided to create a bot.

The Baboon is also a reference to a “Monkey Toss”, a foosball goal scored when a player on one team shoots the ball, and it is rejected by the other team into the original shooter's goal:

"Dude, you thought you had the shot but he totally monkey tossed you."

Who created Papio?

Real foosball fans. We are Okam, a digital agency based in Montreal, Canada.

Why is Papio free?

Because everybody likes free stuff. But mainly because we believe that team spirit, collaboration and fun are part of a good company culture.

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